27 Apr

Fight Depression With Best HRT Injections Near Oakland park

Our body looks like a machine, with each part having many functions. The human body behaves properly because of some important hormones produced by our endocrine system. However, when we begin to age, these hormones become inadequate, leading to imbalance and causing our body to fail to function properly. Hormone deficiency or hormonal imbalance is one of the main problems faced by men and women when they enter middle age. With extensive research, scientists have resolved a hormonal imbalance called hormone replacement therapy (hrt). An almost identical treatment is the alternative therapy of vital hormones, which uses completely identical hormones in the chemical structure of those in the human body.

Depression is mainly attributed to hormonal imbalance. During the depression, serotonin, a chemical responsible for the person’s mood, tends to decline. Low serotonin level makes a person feel sad. On the other hand, the high level of this chemical makes the person feel happy. The change in serotonin level is determined by estrogen. Thus, when the level of estrogen tends to decline, so does serotonin production. This hormonal imbalance is the cause of depression. Managing depression means dealing with hormonal imbalances. It also means that hormone replacement therapy can help people get out of their depression.

Men and women who suffer from hormonal imbalance may experience symptoms such as increased wrinkles, fatigue, decreased libido and mental depression. Fortunately, all these can be resolved by getting best hrt injections near Oakland Park. In this article, depression alleviation caused by hormonal imbalance will be discussed as well.

To combat depression, the first thing to do is to understand the causes of depression. This happens to anyone, regardless of age and gender. Depression is characterized by sudden mood changes for a long time. This is usually associated with a loss of interest in the activities normally enjoyed by the person, eating, and sleeping disorders, separation of family and friends. It has been shown that women tend to feel depressed twice more than men.

Doctors use synthetic hormones to treat hormone replacement therapy. Synthetic hormones are created in the laboratory instead of the body. However, synthetic hormones are used in hormone replacement therapy such as natural hormones once inside the body. To treat depression, estrogen is restored using artificial estrogen. Artificial estrogen will behave like natural estrogen. The aim of hormone replacement therapy is to renew the level of estrogen in the body so that the level of serotonin also increases. Once this is achieved, depression will not be a problem. As long as the level of estrogen is high, a person will not feel symptoms of depression.