22 Aug

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are very crucial for singers especially the beginners. But the truth about this lessons is that it’s like bullshit. If you have ever learned any difficult coordinated motor type skill or played sporty keys then you could have realised how it sucks, the incorrect habits, even how resistant your body would be to the new skills, you could be thought by a very strict coach. You can also check this out http://www.challenge66.org/music-lessons/ for more singing lessons.
A poor teacher can screw you up if you are ready to learn as a good student. There are a lot of excellent teachers also who can help you gain in your singing skills that are why I say it’s more of the coach than a student. It’s very fundamental for whatever you say or knows about singing, but also it’s most important what a teacher says to you about singing. People say singing is a skill of one’s self, but sometimes it’s invisible because it can be primarily a kinesthetic skill meaning it’s your perception of your own body and motion both externally and internally. As a singer, one should be able to develop a body connectivity or self-consistent presentation of his or her physiology. Internally it involves on how to control muscle contractility and coordination of the fine muscles of the larynx.
For a good singer apart from all this coordination of the body and instructions of a teacher, it’s advisable that you start a session with warm ups. Singing without warm ups can also destroy your vocal chords. The warm ups are; start by speaking your words, talk of words that are out of the song stanzas like one, two, one. Two, three, and so on. Speak them as if you are having a chat with someone.

Then hum the scale by vibrating low notes in your throat and the higher ones in the face, as you continue, you will realise that the higher notes have started to get easier this only happens correctly by starting low as you proceed. Next, you yawn your tone, it is weird but it helps start a yawn around the middle of your range then bring the pitch to the top of your chest, then back down again until you yawn the lowest note you can and always remember never strain. Use the vowel warming exercise before starting a singing lesson, you sing the scale again but this time use the vowels. Finally, do enunciation, this makes sure that the words you sing can be understood, use different tongue twisting phrases.
Never forget that also apart from all this pitch, and vocal adjustments do body exercises like stretching which is always a good start.
About getting a new coach to be careful about any coaches who claim to be brand new with newly discovered techniques. Because, you don’t know whether this new technology will improve or destroy your voice, so don’t be an experimental lab mouse. A coach can be of your style but if he does not introduce new styles for you that rhyme with your style and your voice then be free and ask for permission to have lessons with other students. Following all this in singing lessons with that great passion you have then you will succeed in your singing career.